Monday, April 20, 2009

Booster Draft Anyone?

I was first introduced to Magic: the Gathering Booster Drafting a few months ago by a couple of people who I look up to the most in the game, the 2006 Philippine National Champion(JT) and the 2004 National Champion(FPJ).

I was once ignorant on the pros and cons of drafting. I even had misconceptions regarding it; that it's very expensive, not as fun as constructed, and so on and so forth. Little did I know that I am missing a lot.

I signed up in MTGO last November as per the '06 National Champion's advise and with one thing in mind - to work on my limited game. Cautiously, I played a few games and never won a single match. MTGO is single elimination by the way, so if you lose a match in drafting, you're automatically dropped. One day, JT told me, "In MTGO, its either you'll quit playing Magic because you'll end up broke if you don't win a great deal, OR you'll improve your game." Well I guess that left me no choice but the latter. And true enough, my limited game improved after a few more trial and errors online. I became really hooked on Booster Drafting to the point that I even organize real life draft sessions up to 3 times a week in Robinson's Galleria and sometimes more if I get to visit Mike Ongkeco's shop or M4.

I'm a fan of the drafting series in Starcitygames and would like to emulate them and do the same locally. I'm no pro like FPJ and Porter, but my game, over the past 4 to 5 months, has improved dramatically and is decent enough, I think, to warrant a good reader base.

My primary target for this blog are people who are already into drafting, or are looking forward to improving their limited game. I would highly appreciate comments on my picks, especially if you think that I may have picked wrong. Let's improve our games together.
Next are people who would want to learn drafting, but are daunted by certain factors that actually prevent them from either playing their first ever draft, or those who want to now desist from the mentality of "I-will-just-rare-draft-since-I'm-no-good-in-drafting-and-will-not-win-anyway". Well, this blog is perfect for you to get you started.

Don't forget to leave comments on my picks or hesitate to ask questions regarding my picks!


  1. bakit hindi topan ascetic? bakit pusa?

  2. pack 1 pick 4: I would have picked the ascetic or the fatestitcher since you're pretty much open on colors.

    pack 1 pick 8: If ascetic was picked, I would go with guardian of akrasa.

    pack 2 pick 2: I would choose goblin assault.

    Comment on deck:
    fallout should be in the maindeck and molten frame to the side.

  3. @ manman, I was woried with my curve.

    @crisler, yeah those points are valid as well I think. And the Assault tokens can pump the ascetic. And they wouldn't need to attack.

    I just don't like Guardians all that much in this kind of deck. Besides, the submersion can fit my 2drop spot that's still lacking. And can destroy a pesky flying esper critter.

    Re: fallout, I think you're right.

  4. "the first shouldn't always be the hardest" hahaha!... sounds familiar! nice blog btw.

  5. @Paul, my sincerest apologies for the mix up. It will not happen again.

    What a great way to enter the blogosphere. Lolz